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            Public Service System

            Public Service System

            1.Intermediary Service Platform

            To integrate social resources, SEUSP has introduced a number of carefully chosen intermediary service agencies for sci-tech banking, pioneer investment, financing guarantee, legal affairs, patent affairs, accounting affairs, human resources, business administration, tax services, business management, etc., and established its long-term cooperative ties and working systems with them for joint business service provision.

            2.Public Technical Service Platform

            Supported by SEU’s powerful strength of research, human resources, technology and information, SEUSP provides public technology support services for middle and small-scale enterprises on technology development, product design, testing, detection, etc., to help them reduce operating costs and quicken steps of developing new techniques and products for their rapid growth.

            3. E-government Service Platform

            SEUSP has strengthened its ties with local governmental agencies and enterprises so as to make full use of current policies and all-level governmental resources to construct its E-government innovation and entrepreneurship service system, aiming at ‘Being Convenient and Timely’.

            4.Information Exchange Platform

            To better serve the enterprises in the park to satisfy their specific demands, SEUSP has established its Information Exchange Platform integrating various business communication channels, among which are its systems of “GM Open Day”, “Business Liaison” and “SEUSP Entrepreneurs Salon” as well as its “E-communication Platform (SEUSP homepage and enterprise QQ group)”, “Multi-information Release Platform (billboards for information and announcements, official Weibo and Wechat)”.

            5. Education & Professional Training Platform

            By integrating SEU’s educational resources, SEUSP has set up this platform to offer entrepreneurs, enterprise managers and technical personnel a channel for further study. Well-known professors, experts and veterans are invited to lecture on the latest or the forefront sci-tech advances. And excellent social training resources are tapped to provide professional training services for the enterprises in incubation.

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