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            SEUSP Xuanwu Branch Park

            SEUSP Xuanwu Branch Park

            Xuanwu Branch Park consists of Changjianghoujie Branch Park and Taiping North Road Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center. In 2001, Southeast University and Xuanwu District signed a sci-tech innovation cooperation agreement on their joint construction of SEUSP Changjianghoujie Branch Park. This park stands beside Zhujiang Road, a well-known street for entrepreneurship, covering over 18,000 square meters. By the end of 2017, more than 500 companies and 30 high-tech companies had been incubated here, turning the park into a real industrial integrating site of electronic information technology, creative design, engineering design, integrated circuit design, etc.

            SEU furthered its work on innovation and entrepreneurship in 2017, turning the 1200 m2 site of 136-5 Taiping North Road into its students’ innovation and entrepreneurship base.

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